Artcote - for a finish that’s brighter than new

Shopfront & Fine Finish

Our specialist service has been developed to offer the best results in the refurbishment of aluminium and powder coated shopfronts, doors, window frames, panels and bulkheads, whether the client wants to change the corporate colour scheme or just improve the general appearance of the premises... Our service is exactly what you need!

This revolutionary process is undertaken in three separate stages.

The window frame is sanded, filled and then masked, prior to the application of each coat of primer. Three coats are applied before the masking is removed, revealing a fresh, clean, "as good as new" look.


  • Shop fronts, frieze panels and bulkheads are all sprayed in-situ on new or refurbished projects
  • The work is undertaken outside of normal working hours to ensure minimum disruption
  • Sites can be clear or fully stocked. All interior stock and furnishings are masked up and protected to ensure no mess or damage
  • Off-site spraying service available
  • Our specialist coatings offer excellence adherence on powder coatings, melamine, aluminium, galvanised stells, plastics, enamels and PVC
  • All RAL and B.S. colours are available and coatings are resistant to UV rays
  • A five year guarantee is also available