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COSHH Safety Accreditation

Product name Artcote™ Newceil

Intended use Interior suspended ceiling fibre acoustic ceilings anti-nicotine / water stain

Composition Polymerised resin

Solution base Water

First aid measures In all cases on inhalation, contact with eyes or ingestion obtain immediate medical attention

Fire rating In accordance with B.S Parts 6 & 7 class ‘0’

Stability In its original form fire will cause smoke, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oxides of nitrogen

Firefighting Non-flammable

Accidental release None

Storage Store in a cool dry place

Exposure control Respiratory protection is not needed, unless the coating is applied by spray, eye protection to prevent splashes should be worn at all times during application

Toxicological info Non Toxic

Ecological info This product should not be allowed to enter drains or water courses. It should not be deposited where it can effect ground or surface waters

Odour No residual odour

Hazards identification No specific danger to all users

Artcote™ Product Test Results

Fire Test

Tested by Warrington Fire Research Group PLC, Holmesfield Road, Warrington, WA1 2DS

Test used Fire Propagation Test to B.S. 476, Part 6: 1989. Surface Spread of Flame Test to B.S. 476, Part 7: 1987

Purpose To determine if the application of Artcote™ would negatively affect the fire retardent characteristics of an acoustic ceiling tile

Results Class 0 - Achieved B.S. 476 Part 7 Class 1 - Achieved B.S. 476 Part

Acoustical Test

Tested by Applied Science Testing Company

Test used ASTM C423 - 89

Purpose To determine whether the application of Artcote™ would negatively affect the sound absorption of an acoustical ceiling tile

Results The application of Artcote™ resulted in a slight improvement in the Noise Reduction Ceofficient (0.60)